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Ascent vario version H2 – Mini Alti Vario and GPS combined.

Introducing the new Ascent H2 vario with the same great features as our original H1 vario but now with accelorometer (for future features) and twice the memory.  Features include GPS calibrated altitude, ground speed, heading, glide ratio, and track logs that can be downloaded in both kml and igc formats using our own easy to use software interface.  The logbook records start of flight time and date, flight duration, min and max altitudes, max and average climb rates, max sink rate, min and max temperatures, and distance and direction from launch after landing.

The following items are included with the purchase of an H2 vario:

• Wall and car charger
• USB cable
• Semi hard storage case
• Riser strap
• Wrist strap
• Leg strap
• Flight Deck mount
• Lanyard


• GPS calibrated, temperature corrected true or relative (to launch) altitude.
• Customizable averaged digital vertical speed
• Ground speed
• Wind speed and direction
• Heading
• Glide ratio
While flying, a single button press briefly displays:
• Time, duration of flight, distance and direction from launch, temperature
• Max. altitude, relative (to launch) or true altitude, max. instananeous and averaged lift, max. sink
• Volume

Additional Features:

• Instantaneous audio with adjustable volume
• Sink alarm with user selectable threshold
• User adjustable flight detection
• Automatically records flight log summary data for up to 300 flights
• Automatically records up to 50 hours of 1 second interval detailed track log data in igc or kml format
• Large 55mm black and white transflective graphic LCD with 128 x 128 pixel resolution
• 830 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery provides at least 10 hours of flight time
• Compatible with GPSDump for Android and Paraflightbook PC or Apple software to download log book and igc
• Dimesions 83.4mm x 54mm x 14.9mm
• Weight 83g (with riser strap)

ASCENT H2 mini Alti Vario GPS

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