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Enjoy the wonderful English countryside aboard our Tandem Paraglider flown by one of our experenced instructors.

Tandem Flight

    Here is some information about your paragliding experience flight. If there is anything else you would like to know before you come flying with us, please feel free to pick up the phone or email.
    How to book
    For air experience flights simply call us on 01793 790183.
    What we fly
    With a tandem paraglider flight we fly using a special harness with the instructor behind you.
    Our tandem gliders are exactly the same as a solo glider but slightly larger to accommodate the weight of two people. The techniques and sensations are exactly the same.
    We are based at Redlands Airfield near Swindon but our paragliding flights occur at a variety of locations in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Hampshire. We choose the most suitable site according to the wind and weather on the day of your flight and will inform you where and when to meet the day before you fly.
    Before you set out
    Please check your email and voicemail in case the expected conditions have changed and we need to postpone your flight.
    What to expect
    Because the conditions change throughout the day you need to allow a whole day for your experience. If you have a tandem flight you will fly for between 30 and 45 minutes. A tandem taster flight is slightly different in that you will get an insight into the sport of paragliding; your flight will last for about 1 hour and you’ll have the opportunity to take the controls of the glider for yourself. The tandem taster is ideal for anyone interested in taking up paragliding.
    What to bring
    Clothing suitable for spending time outside and in the cold: sturdy footware, long trousers, a warm long sleeved top and a pair of gloves. Please feel free to bring a camera. Because we might be outside for some time please remember to bring a packed lunch and something to drink Anything else you might need; helmets etc. we supply here. PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO BRING THE VOUCHER WITH YOU!
    The weather
    Paragliding is very weather dependant. We ask you to book several dates for your flight as it is entirely possible that the British weather won’t give us the right conditions at the first attempt. You have a whole year in which to fly and believe it or not the winter gives us some spectacular flying days.
    And Finally:
    If, after your flight, you would like to take up paragliding as a hobby, talk to your instructor about how to progress and how to gain your Club Pilots rating. It’s easier and cheaper than most people think, and it’s incredibly good fun.
    Cloudbase Airsports
    Redlands Airfield
    SN4 0AA
    Tel: 01793 790183 email:
    The dull small print: Full T&Cs are available on our website. Refunds will only be offered if a student has booked his/her first booking within six weeks of the purchase date and has had 12 or more bookings cancelled because of bad weather during the twelve month voucher limit. Cloudbase and the student will mutually agree a date, time and meeting point for training by email, telephone, text, Skype or other method as may be available at the time. Once booked, Cloudbase may change, postpone or cancel the arranged date, time or location of training for any reason and will make all reasonable endeavours to notify the student.

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